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If you own a business and have to carry workers' compensation insurance, you might have had a "post period audit" that results in a bill far exceeding what you were expecting to pay to the insurance company for coverage. Workers compensation insurance providers make it a habit of having your business complete an application, take your premiums for a year, then show up after the year is over to audit your workforce. Then, during the audit, they find that your workers were in the wrong premium category so now they claim you owe more money. Sometimes it can reach into millions of dollars depending upon the business.

But why didn't they place the workers in the right category during the application process? Didn't you tell them everything they asked? Of course you did.

Businesses will sometimes find out that workers compensation carriers have no loyalty to their insureds. If you find your business in this scenario, call Mr. Dupree. He has represented companies against their over-reaching insurance carriers and defeated them in court.

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