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To successfully collect a debt or judgment owed to you or to your business, you may need the help of an experienced debt collection lawyer who will skillfully and efficiently take the steps necessary to collect the money that you are owed. Mr. Dupree has experience with the tactics that debtors will use to avoid paying their debts. Successful collection of debt often requires that you have a lawyer with the resources, ability, and knowledge of Tennessee law to locate a debtor's assets, which can sometimes be concealed, and to collect against them.

Debtors often try to delay or hinder the collection of their debt and attempt to escape their obligation to pay by hiding assets, misrepresenting the value of their assets, transfering assets to friends or family members, or even transfering assets to “shell” businesses for a low value.

With the help of a skilled lawyer, you can try to recoup your money by forcing debtors to take care of their obligations and to pay their debts. Call Mr. Dupree today if you are dealing with a collection issue.

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