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Mr. Dupree represents landlords who find themselves in a dispute over a leased premises. He can help you with any issue that can occur between landlords and tenants - evictions, breaches in the terms of the lease, or other problems and disagreements that arise. In Tennessee, there is a set of laws that covers tenants and landlords and the responsibilities and rights of both. These rights and responsibilities vary from county to county in Tennessee. The URLTA or the Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Acts applies to counties with a population of 68,000 or more.

Landlords have a special interest in protecting their property and revenue by preserving the property they own and making sure tenants are compliant with their lease and with the URLTA.

Mr. Dupree can help draft lease agreements, pursue evictions, recover damages, and help negotiate disputes. He works hard to do this quickly and efficiently so you don’t lose more revenue than necessary. Remember, landlords who are business entities - Inc., LLC, P.C. etc.. - must have attorney representation in court.

Mr. Dupree can help you understand the complex laws that govern residential and commercial leases in Tennessee. Call him today to get experienced legal guidance for your landlord/tenant issues.

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