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Insurance Claims

If you’re dealing with an insurance claim, the first thing to understand is that the job of the insurance company is to pay out as little as possible. Despite the fact that the rates of accidents, property damage, and injuries have not dropped significantly, profit margins of insurance companies continue to grow at a staggering rate.

These profits routinely come from rising premiums and claim denial. Insurance companies are banking on individuals who either don’t fully understand their rights or aren’t willing to put up a fight. Even if you start fighting, they are skilled at wearing you down with delay tactics, requesting excessive documentation, contesting treatment, and other manipulation tactics to get out of paying fair and timely compensation.

Mr. Dupree is experienced in dealing with insurance companies, as well as the team of adjusters assigned to your claim, and is knowledgeable on the various reasons insurance claims are denied. He will fight for your rights and ease the stress and frustration that comes with insurance claims.

Mr. Dupree normally works on a contingency basis – this means that he only gets paid if you are awarded money.

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