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When you enter into a business agreement, it’s important to put all of the terms and conditions into a legally-binding document. Contracts can help to set expectations, identify the duties and obligations of each party, and define business relationships so that nothing is left to chance. They offer guidance should a disagreement arise and outline the rights of each party. They are an important tool that serves as the foundation of transactions, businesses, and liability protection.

While many people are under the impression that they can just go online, find a template, and do it themselves, that may leave you and your business vulnerable because you run the risk of the contract being found invalid by a court. A contract isn’t any good if it’s not enforceable.

Contract language can be very detailed, lengthy, and complex. Sometimes, even with the best-written contracts, the complex nature of the law leaves room for disagreement and contention.

This is why it’s best if a skilled lawyer, like Mr. Dupree, who is familiar with business contracts and negotiation, helps draft, negotiate, and review contracts for you. Then you can enter into an agreement with peace of mind and a complete understanding of the terms, conditions, and obligations arising from the contract. Should a conflict arise, Mr. Dupree will handle the dispute on your behalf and make sure your legal rights are protected every step of the way.

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