West Virginia Mountaineer Uses a Gun to Hunt………

Surprise.  A stink arose about the WVU Mountaineer mascot guy because he shot a bear while hunting and he used his Mountaineer musket to do so.  Here’s a link to an article about the matter:  http://www.wvmetronews.com/outdoors.cfm?func=displayfullstory&storyid=56791 But aren’t mascots supposed to represent a concept or persona?  According to the WVU website, the Mountaineer mascot first appeared at WVU sporting events during the 1934-35 school year with Lawson Hill taking on the role.  Ya gotta love a name like Lawson.  Anyway, if you know even the bare minimum about the history of mountain men, you would know that they were generally solitary trappers and hunters.  They lived off the land.  They shot animals for food and goods – like the buckskin clothing and moccasins that they wore.  So what’s the big deal with the current mascot, Jonathon Kimble, actually using his musket hunt?  The big deal is this:  the idea of using firearms to kill animals does not sit well with some rather vocal folks in our modern civilized society.  Why do we need to hunt?  After all, we can just go down to the grocery store and buy our food.  It’s savage.  It’s barbaric.  It’s cruel to the animal.  But there is a compelling cultural and legal argument that shoots all of this down.  Here it is:


Don’t watch the video.  Don’t hunt.  And for the luvagod, don’t eat meat.  Finally,  check this out:

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